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Disketch Disc Label Software 6.06

Design, edit, and print your own CD, DVD, and Blu-ray disc and case labels
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You can design your own disc and case labels from scratch, or you can use Disketch Disc Label Software to produce high-quality disc labels and covers that fit with the most widely used label templates and stationery brands. With a WYSIWYG approach, this intuitive tool is suitable for anyone in need of creating and printing disc and case labels for their CD, DVD, and Blu-ray collections.

The program comes with templates for any disc and for the most commonly used case labels. You can design disc labels to be printed in standard paper, in selected stationery templates, and even directly on the disc surface, if you happen to have printable discs and a standard disc printer. You will find templates for the most widely known “standard” CD, DVD, and Blu-ray cases - regrettably, these templates don’t include the also standard, highly convenient, and more and more used slim cases designed for various media. However, you can always change the dimensions of the existing templates manually, and define new ones for various spine and cover sizes. The resulting designs can then be saved as new templates for further use.

If you happen to have scans of the disc and/or the case labels, you can use these to design and print new labels for you backup copies using Disketch. Alternatively, you can load your own images, define a background color, and add your own text to your designs. When making labels for your music CDs, you can import the album title, the artist name, and the full track list directly from the disc to save you typing time. Both imported images and text can be fully edited and enhanced using the program’s frames, clipart images, and the various settings provided. You may miss – as I did – the possibility of adjusting the imported images automatically to the dimensions of the various labels. This “fit to size” feature would make things even easier, though you can always uncheck the “Maintain aspect ratio” option and make any image fit the manually selected area.

This intuitive disc label software tool will be of great help to anyone needing to design new disc and case labels for their personal collection or simply to print existing scans of CD, DVD, and Blu-ray discs and covers. Disketch Disc Label Software comes with a host of templates that cover most disc and label types, though it would benefit greatly from a few more case templates and some extra editing features.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Intuitive interface and design layouts
  • Presets for the most widely used stationery brands
  • Supports printable discs
  • Suitable for all users
  • WYSIWYG approach


  • Lacks some useful editing features, such as automatic and manual adjustment settings
  • No templates for slim cases
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